Our Services

Our Process

Every talent search is conducted confidentially, thoroughly vetted, and customized to your company’s needs.

Our proprietary consultative process considers qualifications, future growth, cultural fit, and the unique personalities of both the candidate and the company’s team.

We first meet with you and your team to outline the parameters of the search in detail. We typically also have the client team and candidate take a Personal Style Survey to gauge the personal strengths and weaknesses of everyone to determine an ideal cultural fit.

As a result of this thorough vetting process, our candidate retention rate is significantly higher than the average of all search firms. And our client satisfaction level is also high.

After we have developed a complete profile of the qualifications, experience, and personality of the ideal candidate, we begin our search utilizing our extensive contacts within the industry as well as the most advanced search resources.

The process typically takes 30 -90 days, occasionally longer for more difficult searches. Each prospective candidate is evaluated against a range of factors.

Before we present a candidate, our team meets personally with the most promising candidates to request information that may not be on their resume, explore areas in question, determine their goals, and evaluate their personal style.

We conduct thorough reference checks with former supervisors, colleagues, and others who know the candidate well.

We check credentials and licenses at the source. We verify academic claims. We check criminal and court records. And we do an online review that includes traditional and social media.

Only when we feel 100% confident we’ve found the ideal candidate do we present them to our clients.

After the client interviews our candidates, we meet with you to discuss and evaluate each one in depth.

We get our satisfaction from seeing the positive impact our placements have on the success of our clients.

Let's begin a conversation about how we can help build your team.